Do your school administrators REALLY understand CIPA?

Tina Barseghian’s recent post, “Straight from the DOE: Dispelling Myths About Blocked Sites” is a great read on the topics of content filtering, liability issues for school districts, digital citizenship, etc. The current U.S. Department of Education’s Director of Education Technology, Karen Cator, shared six clarifications regarding CIPA and content filtering which Tina elaborated on in her post:

  1. Accessing YouTube is not violating CIPA rules.
  2. Websites don’t have to be blocked for teachers.
  3. Broad filters are not helpful.
  4. Schools will not lose E-rate funding by unblocking appropriate sites.
  5. Kids need to be taught how to be responsible digital citizens.
  6. Teachers should be trusted.

These messages are commonly misunderstood by many school administrators, teachers, parents, and IT directors. Please read the entire, original post for more details. For more resources refer to “Unmasking the Digital Truth.” Cross-posted to: and Hat tip to Ron Henley, Karen Montgomery and Dean Mantz for sharing this with me and bringing it to my attention. Filter FAILphoto © 2010 Kevin Jarrett | more info (via: Wylio)

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