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What websites should be whitelisted on school content filters?

Many of our public schools in the United States today “overblock” the web and prevent both students and teachers from utilizing powerful, interactive tools which can assist in content creation, collaboration, and sharing as well as constructive, on-task digital learning. To promote more balanced filtering of Internet content in Oklahoma schools, Eric Hileman (the Director of Instructional Technology/Telecommunications at the Oklahoma State Department of Education) is soliciting input from educators everywhere via Google Forms to share websites EVERY school should permit on their network, and the reasons why. This Google Form is accessible from, and results are also viewable publicly. If is blocked in your location, this is the direct link to the Google Form. School Filters - Whitelist Recommendations Eric is going to continue sharing the results of this survey via Twitter, and I hope to amplify those results both here on as well as my primary blog, “Moving at the Speed of Creativity.” Please share this project and these links with others. This is a great project and the shared results could prove extremely useful for schools everywhere, not just in Oklahoma.

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