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Oklahoma Isn’t China:

On Thursday, October 28, 2010, Oklahoma City OpenBeta will be held for the fifth time featuring five minute “lightning talks” by a variety of speakers. Wesley Fryer is scheduled to speak at this event on the topic, “Oklahoma Isn’t China:” The short session description is:

Many public schools in Oklahoma practice draconian filtering of Internet content which makes China look permissive in comparison. A social action campaign is needed to advocate for balanced content filtering in our schools which complies with the law, encourages accountability, and helps prepare our students to be responsible digital citizens.

The following is a proposed bio for Wesley, for OpenBeta5:

Wesley Fryer is an educator, author, digital storyteller, husband, dad and educational change agent. In addition to regulary seeking out the best restaurants for fried chicken and soup dumplings worldwide, he promotes constructive ways to disrupt our educational status quo and support a blended learning revolution. Wesley blogs at and is the executive director of Story Chasers Inc. based in Edmond, Oklahoma.


All OpenBeta presentations are video recorded and subsequently published online. Wesley’s presentation about at OpenBeta5 will be shared here following the event.

Welcome to

We need balanced content filtering in our schools, and specifically in our U.S. public schools. BALANCED filtering is content filtering which recognizes multiple needs:
  1. The need for US public schools receiving federal ERate dollars to comply with provisions of CIPA and other laws.
  2. The need to provide accountable online environments in our schools.
  3. The need to equip students to make responsible, ethical decisions in online as well as face-to-face situations.

Resources and suggested action plans related to advocacy in your local community for "balanced content filtering" will be added here in upcoming months. Current resources include:

  1. Unmasking the Digital Truth: A collaborative document providing background and information about various reasons some school districts choose NOT to utilize a balanced approach toward Internet content filtering

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